Thursday, June 28, 2012

Upcoming... summer fun and pics!

Woo Woo!! We made it! We finished out the year. I have so many things to show, like Kelsey's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" book report(ish) project. It was a great year. More on all of that when it is not Thursday evening at 9:18pm, and I am dead tired....

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Hello and Goodbye April

That is how fast my April went by. I meant to post stuff several times, so I will post pictures and try to remember what I was going to say about them.

Yeah, I have no idea, and I certainly can't remember what this was all about.

In science we are talking about Botany.

In history, we are still learning about ancient cultures, so we were talking about Ancient Greece, Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Assyrians, and many others.

@Sunset Park, San Marcos / Vista

Keira got new goggles, and promptly decided to wear them around for, you know, good measure?

Now some videos from our silly little home-school adventure:

This is Keira's bottom dance. Yes, you read that right. She is a strange one. :)

This is Kelsey reading to her little sister, Keira. Notice the mess. We tend to actually live in our home, so it will pretty much always look like this. -Unless of course you come to visit, and then we try to clean like mad, and pretend we don't live like the shameful pigs that we are.


Doing Language Arts in PJ's.

Recreating the volcano that killed the people of Thera.

Kelsey sorting nouns.

Keira sorting colors.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

w00t! New classroom!

First, we had lunch at Mortony's. Kelsey would tell you they have the cheesiest Mac n' Cheese.

What I will tell you is it feels like the love child of Panera and Olive Garden or Macaroni Grill. The decor is mostly Panera, but the music was Celine Dion. It was a strange marriage of genres to say the least. 

Kelsey working on her sums of 10, on our new chalkboard!!! (Special shout out to my stepmom for snagging that enormous piece of awesomeness!)

Keira with her science project. It was a mobile based on these two Pinterest ideas: 

A closer look.

Kelsey's version for her Botanist Notebook.

So I moved my classroom into the old playroom. We just needed more space. I love it!

Keira's computer, our silly globe, my hanging word wall, ect.

Their desks, and mine. You can see how brilliant I am since only bright white lights illuminate from wherever I have been....... Of course it could also just be the light from the window.

Our word families hundred chart, ect.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

How well I know this experience!

This is so close to how I felt. I knew I couldn't be alone, but considering this story is from CNN I guess I am actually in a group of people that continues to grow.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I can see the home stretch from here!

We are finishing up packet 5 this week and next. There are only 2 packets left!
It feels not so long ago that I embarked for crazy-town, and now we are joyfully living in it, and I couldn't be happier. It does not happen often that you get confirmation that you made the right decision, and I thank God for the fact that this has been one of those events where I can say truly, beyond the shadow of a doubt that this was the right choice for us. We have been trucking along, and it has been hard work, but worth every minute. Now for some of our recent work:

Sooooo, lots of new things. The girls got hair cuts!

Special thanks to one Mr. Roger Schneider, a science teacher in New Jersey, and long time friend of mine for helping us determine our energy chain. (and a special shout -out to facebook for allowing me to reach out for help when necessary. This is a very basic energy chain, as I am told it can get incredibly complicated and traced back to the big bang theory, in the end this is what we came up with - a first grade version)

We started a poster this packet to really dive into reading comprehension and components of stories. She loves reading "Junie B. Jones" so I thought this might be more fun than the dry stories of Sing Spell Read and Write. We still read those and do some comprehension on them, but this was more fun. What you see here is setting, main character, and the problem or conflict, that she is working on.

Here she is reading her SSRW. That silly monster finger is something her old teacher gave them for class. She likes to keep it and use it to read.

Here is an African mask she made. We are still in ancient civilizations for history.

Here is a moth that our education specialist found and kept for Kelsey, having remembered that she collects bugs. She really likes it.

More fun, we found out that "Beauty and the Beast" was playing in Cerritos, CA. My parents live just a city over, and so it was perfect timing to go visit the grandparents and take them to a Broadway show! Their Grandma got them beautiful Belle dresses (no, not the golden one, but the one she wears in winter) To say that they love them would be an understatement, as you will see, Kelsey never wants to take it off.

Travis, Keira, Kelsey, me, and Grandma all at the theater.

They were seriously awesome seats!

Here they are at intermission getting a small snack.

It was a great night! I can't believe even Keira stayed awake!

Kelsey now reaches for this dress every morning.

You are looking at rainbow math. She likes that.
Keira spends a lot of time coloring, cutting, and gluing.

She wanted to make sure I got her headband in the shot.

Fun with stamps that grandma gave her!

Here is her science poster. It is all about energy.

Here is her Junie B. poster.

There is a lot going on right there!

Here they are working on posters.

Kelsey really needed help with figuring out questions versus statements. It didn't seem to click until I made this silly thing about how we can look closely at sentences and discover clues that will help us to determine which punctuation is best. Through that we found question words, and the importance of placement in a sentence. It finally broke through! Thank goodness, because I did not know what else I was going to do if that didn't work!

I don't usually grade her work like this. This was part of the end of a section assessment.

We added on to our Egypt and Mesopotamia lap-book in this packet.

She really wants to go to China now. I'm like, ummmmm, how about we just go to Pei Wei and eat some Americanized Chinese food until we can afford travel, which will be after you move out. ;)

Cat in The Hat was our main book for Literature this packet.

Here is my daughter's answer to what should have been a longer opinion question. She is very practical, and had nothing more to say. She had a point. She could have elaborated though. That's was not the battle I picked that day to say the least.

Video of Kelsey sorting nouns and verbs

Keira sorting colored buttons.

Next up one more week of packet 5, then conferences! Packet 6 is just around the corner.